Ready-Made Water Infusions™.

Our ready-made water infusions™ are full flavor medleys made with 100% real fruits and herbs. No added sugars, artificial flavoring, coloring, preservatives, or refrigeration needed. Upgrade your water drinking experience and motivate the body to drink more and live healthier.

Water is boring… Make it amazing!



We Need Your Help! **UPDATE** We did it! WE ARE FUNDED!

We Need Your Help! **UPDATE** We did it! WE ARE FUNDED!

**UPDATE** We did it! WE ARE FUNDED! YOU raised more than $20K in 20 days, WOW, we are incredibly humbled and extremely grateful. Visit our Kicksta...
Good People And A Good Cause - July

Good People And A Good Cause - July

Good people and a good cause. Proud to be invited among LA's top chefs and restaurants to serve our delicious Thai-inspired Ready-Made Water Infus...
Renegade Los Angeles - July

Renegade Los Angeles - July

It's happening in LA this July 8th & 9th. Come out and visit us at our booth, share some hugs, hi-fives, and get hydrated! 

Love Thy Local Farmers.


I love it!!!! So tasty and you're right it lasts forever. I was filling my glass all day.

Mya (via IG)

A customer called me today solely for the purpose of asking where to get more of the herb and orchard that I dropped off about 3 weeks ago... They said it was awesome and really wanted more. They had been using it at the office and the people were wanting a re-supply. I told them to check out the website. 

Thought you would enjoy knowing!!

Gil (via FB)


Sonja (via IG)